Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Hot Takes with Hotwheels. While some of you may be familiar with the concept from its first life on Georgetown Radio, this will hopefully be attracting a lot of new people to the “wisdom” that was often shared on When You Were Young Radio.

Now, I’m sure some of you may be asking, “why start a blog?” And truthfully, my answer is pretty selfish. In the three weeks since graduation, as I float listlessly in the waters of the “real world,” I have realized that I miss my captive audience. Between Georgetown Radio and The Hoya’s blog 4E, I had a pulpit from which to share my ideas. Were they particularly profound ideas? Not usually. But still, I had listeners and readers, and that was pretty cool.

So, this is a blog that no one asked for or probably needed. And I should thank you for reading this far. Hopefully, in the lifespan of this blog, I can entertain you, make you laugh, or make you care about issues you’ve probably never considered. At the very least, I will have a place to share my ideas. It’s like a diary that you all get to read!

Thanks for reading, I hope you find something you can enjoy!

Max (aka DJ Hotwheels)



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