Hotwheels’ Summer Reading: Basketball (And Other Things)

Since graduation, I’ve made a concerted effort to start reading more, because reading for pleasure was something that I loved when I was younger but stopped doing when school became more demanding. I’ve enjoyed it so far, and hopefully I can recommend some things on here so that other people can enjoy reading again, too.

My first recommendation is an online newsletter that I’ve been reading since before graduation (I believe the first issue came out some time in late March or early April), so it isn’t exactly part of my reading renaissance, but I think it’s definitely worth checking out. Basketball (and Other Things) is a “sports” newsletter sent out every Tuesday by New York Times Best-Selling Author Shea Serrano. Prior to his success in books, Serrano was a staff writer for the (sadly) defunct publication Grantland. Serrano became a Twitter sensation with the guerrilla marketing campaign for his book The Rap Yearbook, and is for sure one of my favorite Twitter follows. He tweets about life as a dad, writer, sports fan, and man of the people.

A sample of the newsletter’s artwork, courtesy of Arturo Torres

The newsletter focuses around one or two topics that are loosely sports-related, and features incredible artwork from artist Arturo Torres. There are typically two articles per newsletter, and they seem to get more ridiculous by the week. Serrano brings in a number of movie or music references and topics per newsletter, and every article feels like it could be a drunk conversation at a bar (and I mean that in the best way possible). Previous topics have included “Which NBA players would survive The Purge?” and “Which Arnold Schwarzenegger character would win in a death match?” It’s crazy, but it makes my day every Tuesday, and so I have to recommend it.

You can register for the newsletter here:


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