It’s So Crazy, It Just Might Happen…

Kid Rock is running for Senate. The Mooch only lasted 10 days. Chris Christie is accosting fans at baseball games. The news cycle is wilder than recaps of Omarosa’s season on The Apprentice. I don’t know what news could actually surprise me on Twitter these days. So I got to thinking…

What crazy, farfetched, out-of-this-world movie (or pop culture) events could conceivably creep into the real world and not totally surprise me? Here are a few tweets that would make me go check Google in another tab, but probably not spit out my water.


Nic Cage DOI Tweet

We all know it’s coming someday. He wants it. He needs it. Nic Cage has been dying to know if there is truly something written on the back of the Declaration since he filmed National Treasure.  If Kid Rock can run for political office, Nic Cage can be a criminal mastermind/curious historian.

Keanu-Browns Tweet

Well, can you blame them? As I covered recently for my dear friends at No Coast Bias, Keanu Reeves may or may not have secretly played quarterback at Ohio State. If he didn’t, it must be some weird requirement for every script he takes. Either way, based on the legacy of Johnny Utah/Shane Falco at THE Ohio State, I think the Browns would be ecstatic to have an established, fictional quarterback over the impending a-BROCK-alypse.

Chad Kroeger Tweet

I don’t really have a backstory for this one. I just needed to see what this would look like as a Tweet.

Trump Bachelorette Tweet

Now, I know that there’s some pretty serious stuff going on right now. But come on, there HAS to be a Bachelorette-style tell-all show coming. You know there is a network out there that will be willing to throw away any shred of integrity for the most-watched pay-per-view event of the century.  #TheMoochIsLoose

Armageddon Tweet

NASA is already taking applications for planetary defender. You’re telling me that, in a time of crisis, it wouldn’t be easier to train oil-drillers to be astronauts than vice-versa? Please. Show Bruce Willis a little more respect than that.

In the time it took to write this, transcripts were released from Trump’s call with Mexico, and someone was accused of “pleasing himself” during The Emoji Movie. It might be impossible to keep up, but I have to try.

Photos From: Youtube, Touchstone Pictures, Vanity Fair, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Studios




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